Welcome,It is my great pleasure and honor to present the inaugural issue of International Journal of Oral Care and Research. A good dentist is often touted to be the combination of a skilled clinician, a keen observer, a sincere academician and an eager student. All of us irrespective of the stage and age, at which we stand, are student for a lifetime. Science has progressed with leaps and bounds along with the ever evolving human.

Sh4 Mykola ROZHKO Eh4 newline Doctor of Medicine Eh4 newline Professor, Honorary Science and Technology Eh4 newline Rector of Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University Eh4 newline Worker of Ukraine.


International Journal of Oral Care and Research, an official publication of “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine" has reached pinnacles of success in scientific research. I also congratulate our Editorial team for their precise scrutiny to give our authors and readers the best. Wishing all a successful scientific journey ahead. Eh4 newline Eh4 newline Eh4 newline

Sh4 Sergiy KOBETS Eh4 newline Associate professor Eh4 newline Pro-rector for Science and Education Work Eh4 newline (International Relations) Candidate of Medical Science

Editor in Chief

It is my great pleasure and honor to present the inaugural issue of IJOCR. A good dentist is often touted to be the combination of a skilled clinician, a keen observer, a sincere academician and an eager student. What better platform can our dental community get than to be a part of continuous and rigorous scientific activities, through a scientific periodical? I congratulate all members of my editorial board without whom this couldn't have been achieved so gracefully. Authors from various specialties are invited to submit their research for publication in the journal with an aim to offer exchange of knowledge and raise the bar of oral care and research.

Sh4 Dr. Amit Kumar

Managing Editor

Dear colleagues Eh4 newline It gives me huge pleasure to present this Journal. It would redirect the sureness and hopes of the dentistry. Dental treatments have kept speed with the advanced age. This journal is dedicated to spread new knowledge and information of dental world. The IJOCR publishes articles on clinical guidelines, reports of unusual and interesting case presentations, peer reviewed articles. The aim of this journal is to deliver scientific advancement in dental world for the benefit of the dental fitness of the community. This journal will assist as a valuable tool for supporting clinicians, faculties, students involved in the anticipation and dealing with dental disease.

Dr. Vishal Anand

Executive Editor

Current paradigm shifts in dentistry show innovation and revolution which are numerous and inevitable. It becomes significant for the dental professional to note the ongoing trends, become educated about them, evaluate them and to integrate these changes into our practice. The International Journal of Oral Care and Research is a multidisciplinary Peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to publish significant educational and scientific research in oral health and related disciplines of the scientific community. It emphasizes on recent advances in patient needs, patient management, clinical opinions and all phases of treatment. The journal addresses itself to clinicians; academicians and students involved in updating professional education within the field to create a unique level of commitment.

Dr. Bhumika Kamal Badiyani

Guest Editorial

CHANGING FACE OF DENTISTRY Eh4 newline Dentistry has undergone a sea of changes since the time mankind realized the importance of teeth. The changes are not just seen in materials, techniques and armamentarium but also in the attitude of students, teachers; even the patients are not left. Presently the M.M. House classification of patients falls short to describe the patients of 21st century. Demands of the patients have been shifted from more of the function to function and esthetics. The challenge for general practitioners is that for the most part, patients are unaware of what’s really going on in their mouths, and most of the practitioners have anxiety about how much to tell the patient because as we go on to specialized dentistry, it will add to the cost of treatment for the patient. The majority of dentists have moved along with the wave of changes in techniques and materials; some have assimilated new technologies into their practices. The risk comes when a dentist starts to believe that technology is the solution to their problems. However it is the basic knowledge & skill of the dentist that treats the patient. Newer technologies and materials just allow us to deliver dentistry in a different and efficient ways to provide more reliable, cost effective treatment with superior results. Few dentists now a days, run into “What’s new” trends because they don’t want to be left behind others in the field. But sometimes the newer things are, in fact, at par or inferior to earlier time tested materials and techniques. There is no question: some products improve, but it is also true that some don’t. Obviously with the scientific advancement in materials & techniques, products and treatment outcome improve, but this is not always true as a rule.

Dr Virag Srivastava Eh4 newline Senior Lecturer, Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dental Sciences, BBD University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India